It's a Nude Heat

Sep 1

Nudism/Naturism washes away shower hangups

Jillian echoes my thoughts on the controversy over ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam’s showers. By the way, she references “locker rooms” at nudist sites. I haven’t encountered one, and it’s a long time gripe of mine that more places don’t have them.

Sep 1

Dear Nude Parents

I’m seeing a lot more posts and articles about this topic. Is there a trend I need to know about?

Sep 1



Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

Sep 1

2014 'Go Topless Day' in Denver Set Boobs Free

Why I Let My Kids See Me Naked

Naked Campers Told To Put Clothes On

Oops…weather forces Burning Man denizens to park at alternative site, and they try to get naked there and the law says no.

The law is no fun.


Two seventy plus women at a nudist resort complaining about “young girls” and how revealing their clothing is these days.

Montreal Go Topless event: A report on Sunday’s demonstration

Nothing naked goes on in Montreal without Jillian Page on the scene:

There were 15 to 25 women at the event today who bared their tops, and several others supporting the cause who chose not to bare their tops. That’s what freedom of choice is about, yes? There were also several men — 10 to 20 — showing their support by handing out pamphlets, carrying placards and doing some other innovative things: some wore bras to show how women are forced to  cover up; others taped their nipples to show their solidarity. Nice to see the guys showing their support that way …

Barry Lewis: Why are there so many naked people on TV?

Yep, another smart-alec columnist with a “naked people are icky” column.

Topless Protect for equal rights for women 2014

Flickr album pictures of Denver’s GoTopless Day.

A Naked Rainy and Cold Day

From the post:

Though the company has gone, I find myself hiding in my office where I write and read while naked as the day I was born. This is a normal place for me to be, and a normal way to be there. Since I have been clothed since their arrival at my home, it feels good to be free of clothing again.

‘Dating Naked’ cast member sues after VH1 showed her naked

Go Topless Day: Why it is being held

More from Jillian Page

Could you ‘bare’ to socialise naked?

Nudism is nearly illegal in Ireland, but there are a few brave souls:

It’s dusk at a small hotel in rural Munster. In the bar, 20 out-of-towners have convened. They range in age from early 20s to mid-60s. More arrive, introduce themselves, and join the group in the corner of the bar. They don’t have much in common, but in half an hour they’ll all be naked. They are here for the monthly Irish Naturist Association nude swim and sauna.

(Source: graymark52)