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Sep 7

Can You Find The Naked Model In These Body Painting Masterpieces?

Photography by Trina Merry.

Andy Golub paints Ton Dou. This was produced for a promotion for Bare Body Freedom Reality TV

Ton Dou meets Felicity Jones

San Francisco county supervisor candidate George Davis makes a speech in New York. I don’t think very many of the people that listened to it live in his district. This also includes a bit with artist Andy Golub and nudist singer Ton Dou.

George Davis Naked Speech in Times Square NYC

Yep, another video from Nude Body Painting Day. Uncensored, but they are wearing body paint.

Aug 8

NYC Bodypainting Day...recap

Photographer Daniel Rose’s Flickr pictures of New York’s Body Painting Day…because you haven’t seen these photos yet.

Aug 6

NYC Bodypainting Day...recap

Daniel R. Rose’s Flickr gallery of Nude Body Painting Day

Aug 5

Andy Golub's NYC Bodypainting Day

Local news report about New York Body Painting Day. They pixelated everything. I don’t know why. They are wearing paint, right?

Aug 4

More video from New York Body Painting Day. Yes, I will keep posting these.

Aug 2

Model arrested for nudity in art project sues NYPD, city

I’ve been posting relentlessly about naked body painting day, but here is a story about a lawsuit stemming from body painting day mark 2011.

Aug 2

Yes, more video from New York Body Painting Day.

Aug 1

Video from New York Body Painting Day.

Naked City: Dozens Of Nude Models Descend On Times Square

More from New York Body Painting Day.

Photos: Nude Models (In Body Paint) Swarm Times Square

Some photos from New York Body Painting Day.