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Sep 1

Nudism/Naturism washes away shower hangups

Jillian echoes my thoughts on the controversy over ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam’s showers. By the way, she references “locker rooms” at nudist sites. I haven’t encountered one, and it’s a long time gripe of mine that more places don’t have them.


Back when pool time was nude time.

Visit to see more great men.


Nude swimming for men was a very common practice, and often required, at schools and YMCAs for much of the 20th Century. While the instructor is clothed in the first photo, often a male swim coach would be naked as well. In a men-only environment, swimsuits served no purpose, and students learned not to be ashamed of their bodies and accept their manhood in a positive way. Photos from the Life Magazine archives.

In the world of nude sports, everyone is ‘the natural’

Dare to Go Bare: A Case for Naked Running

Thank you for Joining 18th Bare Buns Run!

Link is Friend’s of Wreck Beach’s blog post with a couple of pictures. Interestingly, Huffington Post’s photos show more. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me given that HuffPo is the website that familiarized me with the term “sideboob.”

Guts, But No Clothes, Required for 5K Trend

Posing nude was easy for Venus Williams, says stylist

ESPN The Body Issue: Is it ever right to pose nude?

Author never really answers the question. She admits to being skeptical of public nudity, but…

 I’ll admit, I have very mixed feelings. For years, I’ve tsk-tsked all forms of posing nude. But I’m like Leslie. After awhile, you do grow comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Jul 8

Coco Ho's Nude Portraits in ESPN Body Issue

Surfer Coco Ho posed nude for the ESPN Body Issue. Another sneak preview is here.

The Super-Naked-Fun 2014 Bay to Breakers

Despite this year’s crackdown, blogger Scott Dunlap reports there were still naked people at Bay to Breakers:

The official naked person count for us was 12 this year, a far cry from the 44 we counted in 2010, but still respectable.

Nudist Run of Sopela 2014

The event will also feature a javelin throw. I’m not making that up.

UK hosts the first-ever NAKED ping-pong tournament

I don’t know what is with the mechanical narration. The “tournament,” according to the story, was with invited models and was the debut of what the narrator calls an “anything goes” room at a London ping pong club.

Apr 8

Spanish Olympic sailor hopefuls pose nude to raise profile

Surfing at Blacks Beach, 2009