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Guts, But No Clothes, Required for 5K Trend

Posing nude was easy for Venus Williams, says stylist

ESPN The Body Issue: Is it ever right to pose nude?

Author never really answers the question. She admits to being skeptical of public nudity, but…

 I’ll admit, I have very mixed feelings. For years, I’ve tsk-tsked all forms of posing nude. But I’m like Leslie. After awhile, you do grow comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Jul 8

Coco Ho's Nude Portraits in ESPN Body Issue

Surfer Coco Ho posed nude for the ESPN Body Issue. Another sneak preview is here.

The Super-Naked-Fun 2014 Bay to Breakers

Despite this year’s crackdown, blogger Scott Dunlap reports there were still naked people at Bay to Breakers:

The official naked person count for us was 12 this year, a far cry from the 44 we counted in 2010, but still respectable.

Nudist Run of Sopela 2014

The event will also feature a javelin throw. I’m not making that up.

UK hosts the first-ever NAKED ping-pong tournament

I don’t know what is with the mechanical narration. The “tournament,” according to the story, was with invited models and was the debut of what the narrator calls an “anything goes” room at a London ping pong club.

Apr 8

Spanish Olympic sailor hopefuls pose nude to raise profile

Surfing at Blacks Beach, 2009

A Very Classy Nude Swim

Well…first off, you had to buy a pricey ticket to participate (Free Beach Movement indeed!) and it was only sort of naked:

Participants in the Sydney Skinny, which took place on Sunday, are only naked once they’re in the water, and are handed sarongs as they get out of the sea.

This year’s Naked World Sledding Championship. They are topless rather than naked, but we’ll give them a break because it’s cold out there.

Feb 3

Best Nude Events and Beaches

An Australian newspaper lists the best places to be nude. Not to many surprises on the list, but it comes with pictures.

Applications Now Available For The Naked Sledding World Championship

Naked…but they are wearing underwear. Slackers.

Dec 5

Oxford University women's rugby team strip off for charity calendar

Another nude charity calendar…this time it’s a women’s rugby team. Lots of naked butts…if that’s your thing.

Dec 3

It’s a blessing to walk naked in a Bares to Breakers!!


It’s a blessing to walk naked in a Bares to Breakers!!

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